A company specialises in Marine Works & Sand Supply

Singapore proposed reclamation sites.

Bumi Marine & Engineering (S) Pte. Ltd.- subsidiary of "Kurnia Sehati Group"

Bumi Marine & Engineering (S) Pte. Ltd. (aka Bumi Marine) was incorporated back in 2013 to complement the vast projects and jobs  for marine works in this region (mainly South-East Asia) especially in the field of reclamation. Being a Singapore base company, Bumi Marine had been following-up in trying to secure marine sand concessions supply to Singapore from neigbouring countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, Myanmmar, Malaysia and lastly Indonesia.

Currently, Bumi Marine and its lndonesian counter-part is in the midst of finalising the submission of all the required documentation for the export of Indonesian marine sand supply from the area of KEPRI (Kepulauan Riau). The group envisage that it should be able to have the opportunity to export the marine sand to indonesia and other countries within the next few weeks.

As such, we presently have a few enquries for marine reclamation works which will incorporate the supply of marine sand in the proposed projects in the neignbouring countries.

Our In-House Consultant - P.P. Project Consultants

yati 23.06.2021 11:23

Urgently looking for cargo vessels to ship construction sands from Labuan to Shanghai. Approximately 50,000 m3 per shipment. Please contact me at 0193833673

iza 09.12.2020 01:08

Looking mothership to send sands to brunei from pahang please contact me at 0122-3578820

Robert 13.08.2020 09:49


EBENEZER KUMARAN 21.08.2020 14:46

yes i can arrange

ebby 20.09.2019 15:01

we looking for 3 in 1 dredger capacity around 6,000-7,500 m3 for transfer sea sand to mother vessel location at rompin

joyce 01.10.2019 13:03

Please contact joysli2gmail.com

Zam 10.08.2019 13:50

We have River sand and Silica sand (99.5) for export. FOB Only. Direct buyer only.
Origin: Malaysia
Port: Kuantan
Pls email or contact +60194574320

Bambang Pramukantoro 10.06.2019 07:09

Dear Sir,
I'm Pak Bambang from Surabaya ( Indonesia ), I have a sea sand and river sand consession in Timor Leste , Maybe your company interest for join with me

Shahed Ahmed Sultan 22.12.2019 13:00

We need River Sand. pls mail to omnipointtradeimpex@gmail.com. Whatsapp +968 96250304

Zulkiflee Othman 24.11.2019 06:45

Dear Pak Bambang, we interested to have further discussion with your company. Please whatsapp me your direct contact no at 60197885838 .

John 25.10.2019 06:48

Dear Pak,
We are open to discussion. contact me at fxjn24@gmail.com

Sukumar 30.06.2019 01:57

Dear Pak
We require River and Sea Sand. Can you advise if you can offer FOB or CIF. Swhatsapp +971 52 8901981

Eden 11.06.2019 14:42

We are interested.

MARNOL BANTA 03.06.2019 07:38

May I know if you have any affiliation with any company in the Philippines? May I be informed of their company name and other details for possible negotiation?

John 25.10.2019 06:46

we are supplier from Philippines. send your requirement to fxjn24@gmail.com

M. Damanhure S. 05.06.2019 15:32

Please add Mr. Damanhure at whatsapp chat contacts and start chat with him at Sgp hp number +65 86718198 or email your request to mohamed.damanhure.s@gmail.com

MARNOL BANTA 04.06.2019 06:30

I have been trying to call him and even your office but I cannot make a contact. Is there any other way to reach him or your office?

M. Damanhure S. 03.06.2019 07:53

Please contact Mr. Damanhure at +65-86718198....to discuss on the
Philippines connection....

Rocky Mui 08.04.2019 21:24

We are working direct with a Chinese Buyer who is handling two projects in China and HK Airport we are looking for supply of Sea Sand and River Sand.

Nestor Aquino 08.09.2020 00:24

I a.m from The Philippines. I can supply your sand requirement to HK.

Azman bin Omar 21.12.2019 10:50

I'm from RAKAN CONSTRUCTION & ENGINEERING (CAMBODIA) CO. LTD registered Company in Cambodia, Ministry of Commerce (MoC) , would like to inform that we have the above Materials for sale in Cambodia.

Origin: Cambodia
Port: Sihanoukville or Koh Kong


Ahmad 07.12.2019 06:26

We are quarry comp and we can supply for a River & River Mouth Sand.
POL Pekan & Kuantan Port, estimate 250kMT/ months and for long term contract.

HANSONSIM 03.12.2019 13:14

MY CONTACT +06 010 9522500 THANKS

Sree 27.06.2019 08:54

This is my email id sree730@yahoo.com

Sree 27.06.2019 08:48

Rocky mui i have sea sand.. please contact 0108780808

M. Damanhure S. 11.06.2019 23:13

Hi...l am contactable at +65 86718198 (Mohamed Damanhure S.-Group CEO)

Eden 11.06.2019 14:42

We have on hand both Sea and River Sand

Sree 10.06.2019 17:09

Hi sir.. im sree here.. can get your contact number or email address?

Sharveen Rajendran 09.04.2019 09:54

Please contact me for River sand 0142190020

June Yap 19.02.2019 03:40

Please send me the purchasing dept email addrees.i need the qoutation bout the river sand & sea sand.thanks

Eden 11.06.2019 14:44

Send us an email and we can provide.

M. Damanhure S. 19.02.2019 04:16

Mobile: +65-86718198
Purchasing Department

RAMESH A/L YANALAGARAN 16.07.2018 17:43

I would like to apply for vacancies in your organization as for the position of civil engineer. If possible, may I submit my resume for your consideration?

Daniel K 14.07.2018 19:28

Dear Sir, our project is in need of the transportation for a est. 50 million tons of sands in the region of Hong Kong, appreciated for your advise !

Azman bin Omar 27.12.2019 15:51

You may email @ jelatainfra@yahoo.com.my

Azman bin Omar 27.12.2019 15:50

Sand Mining Concesssion,
1) 9, 250 ha - Sea/ Marine Sand
2) 1,000 ha -Silica Sand
3) 250 ha -River Sand
AP export
Republic of China
H. Kong & Singapore

Azman bin Omar 21.12.2019 10:51

I'm from RAKAN CONSTRUCTION & ENGINEERING (CAMBODIA) CO. LTD registered Company in Cambodia, Ministry of Commerce (MoC) , would like to inform that we have the above Materials for sale in Cambodia.

Origin: Cambodia
Port: Sihanoukville or Koh Kong


Fadzlie 07.11.2017 06:22

En mohamad..
Fadzlie here 011176597337 msg me pls

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12.09 | 22:23

Hi sir, mikarataruia@gmail.com, would like to communicate on Sand self unload ships, at least 2 vessels for hire mode, landfill, 80 km distance, 6 months, 24 hr

18.08 | 02:00

If your as supply cif marine sand to Mao Phillipine...
Please reply asap

24.05 | 03:26

Email: tony.sze@indopac-resources.com

23.05 | 06:47

HK-based company seeking the sand loading platform of your project. Sand concession in the NE Luzon of the Philippines. Target production: 300,000MT/mth.