razi 09.07.2019 01:04

Dear Sir

Im looking sand carrier to transport 50k MT from Kuantan to Guangzhou and Yongpu Port. 0179030040 razi

Yusree 25.06.2018 00:34

Dear Sirs,
Im looking for a 3in1 1500m3 dredger, 16 inch CSD and Sand Carrier for our operation aroud Malaysia and Asia.

M. Damanhure 28.06.2018 18:01

Please submit your loi of your rewuirement and we will getback. Tq.

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12.09 | 22:23

Hi sir, mikarataruia@gmail.com, would like to communicate on Sand self unload ships, at least 2 vessels for hire mode, landfill, 80 km distance, 6 months, 24 hr

18.08 | 02:00

If your as supply cif marine sand to Mao Phillipine...
Please reply asap

24.05 | 03:26

Email: tony.sze@indopac-resources.com

23.05 | 06:47

HK-based company seeking the sand loading platform of your project. Sand concession in the NE Luzon of the Philippines. Target production: 300,000MT/mth.